Invoice Overview

Invoice Overview

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Invoice Statuses

As invoices are processed they move through different statuses to identify where they are in the process. The below list contains the invoice statuses you’ll find in Neto:

  • New: New order not yet processed.
  • On Hold: Order on hold to be checked (stock committed). Orders with warnings (eg. payment required or check address) will go to on-hold status until they are manually approved for processing.
  • ETA: The product in the invoice has been ordered from suppliers.
  • No ETA: The product in the invoice has been end of life (EOL).
  • Stock checked: Automatic process by Merp
  • Insufficient stock:
  • Pick: Order pending picking.
  • Shipped: Order fully dispatched, all order lines shipped.
  • Cancelled: Order has been cancelled.

1. Invoice details

The invoice details section shows information specific to that invoice, such as the invoice number and invoice status.

2. Quick actions

  • Print various invoice documents:
    • Proforma Invoice
    • PDF (ex GST)
    • Delivery Docket
    • Export invoice & delivery docket as HTML
  • POS the invoice
  • Email a copy of the invoice to any email address.
  • Clone the current invoice you are viewing.

3. Address details

The address details section displays the customer’s billing and shipping addresses, along with other contact information such as email address and phone numbers. Addresses are stored against the customer account and can be managed by customers in the my account section of your website.

4. RMA & Creditnote

The  section displays the created RMA or creditnote or cloned invoice from the order.

5. Task

6. Shipping & payment

The shipping option the customer has selected will show here. Shipping options must be configured in Logistics – Courier to be selected here.

The payments section displays any outstanding amount on the sales order.

7. Order line

The order lines section displays all of the product information for the sales order, such as:

  • Quantity ordered
  • Product SKU
  • Product name
  • Unit price
  • Total price
  • Margin
  • Discount %
  • Serial number
  • Stock check
  • Pick

8. Shipping detail

This element of the system links your integrated carrier account to your control panel to produce shipping labels. If you are not using the carrier integration module, or are using a non integrated carrier, you can link your services to a generic label to print plain address labels.

9. Payment detail


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