About Us


Our journey started back in 2009 when we built our first website selling IT products online.


The business started well and quickly grew from $2M yearly turnover for the first year to $12M yearly turnover in just 4 years. And our team also increased quickly to become 10 members strong.


But there was no time to celebrate.

A bigger turn over with manual processing large numbers of orders daily, put us all under the pumps, busy fixing issues, email customer tracking numbers etc….

When we tried to expand our business on eBay, we found we were trapped in an even bigger hole.

More staff was needed to manage eBay listing, sales, after sale services and inventory. All these extra costs were not making any profit for our business.

Wherever there is manual processing involved, mistakes follow. The more we sold, the more issues we had to fix.

Then we realised fundamentally we needed to change the way we work.

We needed a system that could streamline our business process and improve efficiency.

We needed a system could track each process from purchase to booking in stock, then sales transactions, then logistics. No more “flying” paperwork in the office.

We needed a system could sync all sales transactions with one inventory from multiple market places, such as our store fronts, our websites, eBay and Amazon etc.

We needed a system could talk to our accounting software with inventory moments, payable and receivable tracking daily and automatically.

We needed a system could talk to third party freight providers for tracking updates automatically.

We needed a system could list and off-list any selected products on selected market place with full price control.

We needed a system could update customers each step of the way of their orders automatically, without sales staff sending out emails.


Then we looked for this type of perfect solution on the market, but we found nothing like we wanted. Instead, we started to build our own from 2014, and named it MyERP (MERP).


Over the last 5 years of MERP developments, we have used our IT business as the testing ground, and kept improving and perfecting our solutions from real end users’ real time requirements.

Proudly, we have achieved an average 40% year on year growth for the past 5 years. With a total only 22 employees, we are managing over 50,000 difference products across two websites, eBay, Amazon and WeChat (Overseas) market places. Last year we sold over $40M dollar of products and we keep growing.


We also offered MERP free trials to many other businesses in the last 2 years. They have given great feedback and suggestions in return.

We are so excited to see every one of their businesses all thriving, and the owners all work so efficiently to manage their team and products, and they have plenty time to plan for the future.

Automation is Key

Custom Workflow Design

Cross-Platform Sales

Custom Dashboard

Multi Store

Successful Story

Read how customers use MERP to grow their business and manage their stores.


Manager of Migwell

“We have been using MERP’s cloud based software for almost a year and it given us great assistance with our sales and operations needs. They have always provided great communication and are very prompt in implementing our required customisations. Linking to Xero for accounting and Magento for our web store, MERP have enabled us to streamline our processes, in turn saving us a lot of time and improving efficiency. “


“We’ve just launched our website with MERP and it’s even better than we anticipated. We also have an eBay store and this has given us the ability to have a web site and an eBay store all running off the one platform. MERP is easy to set-up and manage, a fast and stable platform backed up by excellent service, information and training. Highly recommended.”

CEO of JP Mart

“We have been a MERP client for some time now and operate our websites, eBay store, and Amazon store under their eCommerce platform.

If you are looking for a totally integrated online shopping facility you cannot go past MERP. It links automatically with the most popular shipping methods, accounting software, payment methods as well as eBay and Amazon. The end result, mammoth time savings to actually work on growing your business!

The best thing is, they are based in Australia and easily contactable.”

Manager of Ultra Store