Marketing Place

Onboard global market leaders


MERP is the smart engine behind Australian online retailers to make their businesses thrive on e-commerce website, eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.


Minimise Mangement Labour Cost


One screen, one click, full control of products pricing, listing, selling on different market places.

No More Painful Integrations
Automate Listing, Selling And Processing


Automatic download all orders from ebay / amazon / alibaba
Streamline daily order process.

One Inventory InSync With Multiple Market Places


Merp is a powerful tool when cross selling on multiple market places with one inventory.

MERP inventory always in Sync with multiple marketplaces, to avoid over sold situation.
MERP require minimum stock holding when listing one inventory in sync with multiple market places, reduce business inventory cost.

Go Global Never Been This Easy


On board with the market leaders and starting selling global is easy with merp.
Merp is the the right tools to work with ebay, amazon and alibaba etc while ensure your business remaining independent.