Automation is Key


Raising purchase orders can be very time-consuming, and follow to the inventory and stock control could be a very fuzzy and error parking process. It’s a big challenge for most of big companies, even enterprise companies. MERP introduced a group of tools for purchasing department to keep the stock level on demand and keep the business more competitive.

Automation Could Help You Be More Competitive


With large or on going history of purchasing, it enables you to know what the busying history is. When it will be a good time to buy? When it will be a good time to buy bulk? When it will be good time to negotiate more with suppliers.

Smooth and trackable buying procedure


Merp allow business to tracking the inventory from the start at purchasing. So that, merp can do more about run rate, msl, and next purchasing.. Even selling. After all, better buying, lower cost, therefore, better price and more competitive business.



With one click of button, merp will generate purchase order based on historical data, and confirmation of user. It sends purchase order directly to the supplier via various channel: email, sms, wechat etc.