A Fully Customizable Dashboard


Help business owners oversees everything and heading the right direction.

Fast track quotations
Secure all opportunities

One click away to clone and create a new quotation.
Save time and keep customers happy with multiple quote options.

Automatic download all orders
From eBay / Amazon / Alibaba
Streamline daily order process

Easy edit interface, one click to clone and create new orders.
With customer last purchase price and margin indicator support each step of the way to maximize profit.

Easy convert order to invoice
One click clone invoice
One click send to multiple emails

Invoice processing made easy,  tailor made invoice processing procedures.
One click to print, email and clone.

Automation Is Key

Custom Workflow Design

Cross-Platform Sales

Custom Dashboard


Invoice Processing Made Easy


Tailor made semi automatic processing procedures maximize work efficiency


Easy convert order to invoice

One click to convert quotation and order into invoice, one click to clone invoice for repeating customers.


Tailor made invoice processing procedures

Tailor made invoice processing procedures, ensure maximum work efficiency.


Life sales profit tracking

Keep track profit margin with each item on each invoices.


Automatic customer notifications

Keep connected with customers each step when processing their orders, reduce phone inquires.

Sell With Accurate Price

Customer last purchase price lift tracking

When customer repeatly purchase the same item, last purchase price will show on pop up page.


Sell With Confidence

System event log automatically records every move

Everything is automatically recorded, easy back track, no one can hide anything from management, operator ID, processing time, any changes, any deleted records.


Sell With Speed

Advanced search and cross check made order locating easy 

Advanced search any sells records from SKU, Name, PO, Invoice No, Date, Amount, Deliver Method etc….
One click to generate new invoice, one click to email customers and get paid.