Sales Management

Sales Oversight

Fully Customizable Dashboard, Ability to track order statuses and quotations, Easy to convert from Order to Invoice, easy to track Profit Margins, Automated Customer Notifications, Manages Clients last Purchase Price, Event log Audit trail of everything that has happened on the order.

Point of Sale

Live Inventory Management, Clean and Simple UI, able to be installed on your choice of hardware.


Mailchimp, Google Analytics, AWS, Automate Marketing Tasks, industry Specific Modules, Custom Buttons and options for your Business needs.


Magento, WOO Commerce, Shopify, Variety of Payment options integrations, Variety of Shipping partner integrations.

Cloud Hosting

AWS Alibaba Cloud or clients choice with option for private cloud.

Website Integration

Magento, WordPress, Joomla to build your websites, fully integrated Websites.


Email marketing management – Social Media, Google Analytics.